“Plum has built a finished product that has the quality and user-experience that you would expect of something coming from Apple”Frank

“I love how simple and powerful it is”Jess

“With Plum the house just seems so much more alive and dynamic”Richard

“The design is outstanding, and setup was perfect, simple and direct”Narendra

“I love your product… You guys thought of everything!”Tom

“I designed my new home around WiFi technologies. I am very happy with the Lightpad and want to order 60 more!”Laurie

“Very slick, It couldn’t be easier. The fact that the app remembers the password for the network is rarefied genius and draws a little cheer with each switch”Hugh

“You guys have a winner here. Everything, from the packaging to the product is really impressive”David

“Never thought I would be so impressed with a light switch…Very cool product and worth the wait!”SCell

“I love how simple and powerful it is. The Lightpads are beautiful and I will be getting more”Jessadamesa08

“This app does it all, and has endless possibilities for controlling our lights…Most importantly it does it well!”drt_aggie06

“Best lightswitch ever! The app is wonderful, extremely easy to use and the setup is magical. You guys must have worked at Apple…I will definitely be replacing all my switches”Craig

“It’s a beautiful switch and a breeze to install”David

“I’ve been waiting for something like this…and Plum nailed it!”Tom

“Wow it’s a really nice switch. Just so sleek. I am definitely going to buy more to replace every switch in my home”Anant

“Just installed one of my Lightpads and have to say they are AWESOME!…You guys got the connected home so right!”Kevin