Unable to Pair Plum Lightpad with Mobile Device

One of the steps in the provisioning process requires you to “pair” your mobile device with the Lightpad using BLE (bluetooth low energy).

This is how the app knows which Lightpad to apply the selected settings to.

Some users have reported that when they press and hold for 2 seconds, nothing happens and they are unable to get past this step. The problem is intermittent and seems to happen after multiple failed setup attempts due to errors related to wifi. Or when a light is deleted from the app, it will not pair when attempting to add it back.

The steps below have resolved this issue in most cases. 

  1. The iOS device iPad or iPhone needs to be new enough to support BLE. Any iOS 9 or10 device should work.
  2. Force quit the Plum app so it is not running in the background.
    How to force quit an app on iOS device.
  3. Reboot the Lightpad via the airgap switch.
    How to reboot Lightpad.
  4. The Lightpad takes around 1 minute to boot up. While it is booting, open the Bluetooth settings on your iOS device and turn Bluetooth off and back on. Rebooting the device is an even better option.
  5. Open the Plum app and try to provision again.
  6. Be sure to use the tip of your finger only. Pressing down with the pad of your finger could be read as using 2 fingers.
  7. If it does not blink dark blue after several seconds, lift your finger and press & hold for 5-6 seconds lift and repeat if needed.
  8. If it still does not pair, try tapping rapidly with the point of your finger.
  9. Press cancel to go back a step and then try again.
  10. If it still won’t pair, try with a second mobile device.

Last resort is to perform a factory reset on the Lightpad.
How to factory reset the Lightpad.

If you are unable to ever get the Lightpad to pair, contact support@plumlife.com to arrange an RMA replacement.

Unable to Pair Plum Lightpad with Mobile Device