Improving Your Wifi Network for IoT

Improving your WiFi Network for the Internet of Things Now that you have three computers, two tablets, four smartphones, three smart TVs, two thermostats, four smoke detectors, two door locks and 10 smart light switches connected to your Wi-Fi network, it may be time to upgrade that network to handle the load. Today’s typical [...]


Creating Schedule Events to Automate Lighting.

You can easily set a schedule to turn your lights on or off at specific times by creating "Events".  Events can be created to turn a set of lights on to a specific intensity or to turn a set of lights off or even a combination of both. Events can be created for and [...]


Glow Ring & Mobile App Error Codes

Download the PDF guides that describe the most common error indicators that users could encounter. The descriptions may provide insight into what could be causing the problem. Plum_Mobile_Error_Codes__ Plum_User_Glow_Ring_Error_Codes_  


Wifi Connectivity Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues   Problem: I can no longer control my light through the app! The Lightpad can lose it’s wifi connection on rare occasions causing loss of control using the Plum app. The Lightpad is designed to automatically rejoin wifi if it does drop off but is not always able to do so. [...]


Changing Wifi Networks or Access Points

If you replace your Wi-Fi access point and are using the same SSID and same password as you did on your previous access point, all the Lightpads will connect automatically to the new access point. If you want to change your network SSID or password and preserve your Scenes and Events follow this procedure [...]


My Plum Lightpad No Longer Responds to the App.

Single pole loads The Lightpad has likely lost it’s connection to Wi-Fi.  Reboot the Lightpad by pulling the air-gap switch. The boot up takes approximately 60 seconds and the glow ring will be cycling through colors during this time. Once the color cycle stops the Lightpad should be reconnected to Wi-Fi.   3-way or [...]


Unable to Pair Plum Lightpad with Mobile Device

One of the steps in the provisioning process requires you to “pair” your mobile device with the Lightpad using BLE (bluetooth low energy). This is how the app knows which Lightpad to apply the selected settings to. Some users have reported that when they press and hold for 2 seconds, nothing happens and they [...]


Factory Resetting Your Plum Lightpad

In some rare cases, it may be helpful to perform a factory reset on the Lightpad.  We recommend this as a last resort when troubleshooting a problem.  If you have not already If resetting a Lightpad that has already been provisioned, be sure to delete the Light from the app before or after performing [...]