Creating Schedule Events to Automate Lighting.

You can easily set a schedule to turn your lights on or off at specific times by creating “Events”.  Events can be created to turn a set of lights on to a specific intensity or to turn a set of lights off or even a combination of both.

Events can be created for and Light, any Room or any Scene.  If you have several Lightpads, we recommend creating Scene Events.

Scene Event:

Create a scene by pressing the + button in the Plum app and select “Create New Scene

Name your scene and select the lights


Click the Check Mark and then select your light levels.


Select a transition time which determines how long it takes for the lights to reach this level and then click the check mark.


Navigate to your Scenes list and click the pencil icon in your new scene and add an Event to your Scene.  Name your scene, select the time for your Event to happen and select the days of the week for the Event to happen.  Then click the check mark and make sure the Event is turned on.


You can repeat this process to create a Scene and Event to turn lights off if you’d like.

Room or Light Event:

You can follow a similar process to create a Room Event or a Light Event.  If you have many lightpads and plan on creating multiple events, we recommend you use scene events as they provide more functionality.

Creating Events for Lights, Rooms, and Scenes