We're casting a new light on the connected home.

Because we believe you should...

Have total control

Adjust and schedule your entire home, right from your phone

Stay in bed longer

Keep cozy by adjusting lights and electronics without even getting up

See through walls

Control your lights in any room, no matter where you are

Always have peace of mind

Feel safer and deter theft with controlled and programmed lighting

Home away from home

Keep pets and valuables safe by monitoring devices even after you're out the door

A bump in the night

Instantly turn on the lights when you hear a strange sound

Keep burglars in the dark

Even when you're not at home, you can make it seem like someone is

Have more money in your pocket

Discover ways to save by monitoring your energy usage in real time

Your home
Specific rooms
Single products

And have the freedom to make a big scene

Create customized lighting scenes to instantly match any occasion

Now you can.

Introducing Plum, the simple and beautiful way to connect your home

Lightpad Dimmer Own the world's first connected dimmer
Smart Plug Seamlessly set up your home for smart power
Duplex Electrical Outlet Easily convert those boring old outlets
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